Jeep Safari at Kanha

Kanha National Park is famous for having abundant wild life and also for its rich wilderness. This national park is blessed with rich green environs that serves a best home to a large number of wild lives. It’s a great place for adventure lovers and nature lovers. Jeep safaris ae the best way to explore the Kanha National Park and to spot a large number of wild lives in their natural habitat. By jeep safaris only you can explore the wild life of the Kanha amidst the thick and dense forest. Open jeep safaris accommodate a group of tourists accompanied by a naturalist are allowed easily at a fixed time in morning and afternoon. It is mandatory for jeep safaris to follow a fixed time for entry and exit and a fixed route in the national park. By jeep safaris only a large number of photographers and wild life experts perform their targeted tasks.

Procedure to Book Kanha National Park

Regular jeep safari rides are there for tourists of Kanha National Park to explore the wild animals closely and in their natural habitat. Apart from this regular jeep safari ride, there is also a full day safari ride and night safari for the tourists but these services are available to the tourists on demand.

Steps for Online Booking of Jeep Safari:
  • Search for safari book online website and then choose KanhaKisliNationalPark.In there.
  • First choose the preferred date on which you are planning to visit Kanha. Then make a choice whether you want a single seat permit or full vehicle permit.
  • After this step, you have to choose the Gate/Zone as per your choice and comforts. Generally, tourists choose the gate where there are maximum possibilities to spot the tiger. This can easily be done with the help of app as it gives us the full information about the maximum tiger sightings gate. You just have to click on sightings and have to choose Kanha National Park. You will get the detail information about the gate and zone which has maximum TSI (Tiger Sighting Index).
  • After selecting the options of your choice and adding entire information about the safari riders, pay the fee after knowing the Tariff Details given on the site.
  • You have to print the voucher and have to make your presence 30 minutes before the time of your safari ride.
Kanha Online Safari Charges - (Permit, Guide, Jeep, Driver, Service Charge)
Kanha Safari Zones Indian Charges Foreign National
Kanha Zone (Per Jeep) ₹ 6500 ₹ 9500
Sarahi Zone (Per Jeep) ₹ 6500 ₹ 9500
Kisli Zone (Per Jeep) ₹ 6500 ₹ 9500
Mukki Zone (Per Jeep) ₹ 6500 ₹ 9500
Tips and Advises for Booking Jeep Safari Ride in Kanha National Park:
  • The distance between the two gates of Kanha is about 60 kms so, never book your different rides at different gates. For example, its not advisable to book your morning safari ride from Mukki and afternoon safari ride from Khatia. Never take this type of decision otherwise you will regret for your deed. Its very harassing and tiring to move from one gate to another after one safari ride.
  • Though a Gypsy for safari ride can accommodate 6 people in its each trip but ideally 4 people can sit comfortably.
  • You must carry a hard copy of voucher at your booked gate before your safari ride. Don’t try to enter with the soft copy of the voucher otherwise you will not be allowed to enter the gate for Jeep Safari.
  • It’s must to carry the original IDs exactly that one which you have mentioned at the time of booking Jeep safari. If you forget to carry your Id or you have reached the gate with some different ID, then you will be disappointed totally and will definitely miss the Jeep Safari Ride. So be sincere to follow the rules for your safari ride, if you want to enjoy more and more.

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