Every Year Kanha Tiger Reserve is open for tourists from 15th of October till 30th June. The climate and weather of Kanha National Park is most suitable from October to March so this national Park attracts a large number of tourists from October to March. More than 80% of the tourists plan to visit this Kanha National Park during these months only. In order to avoid the unbearable heat of summer in Kanha, most of the tourists plan to visit this national park in between November to March. The weather is most comfortable and suitable to the tourists during these months. So, if you plan to visit the Kanha National Park, then plan to visit in between November to February as these months are excellent for visiting Kanha National Park. During these months the entire nature and vegetation of the Kanha National Park gets rejuvenated due to rainfall in the monsoon season. Still the best time to visit the Kanha National Park is different for different visitors. The best time depends upon the mind set of the visitor, visiting the Kanha National Park.

The period from November to February is also best for bird watching. So, bird lovers must plan to visit this Kanha National Park particularly in these months only. A large number of migratory birds visit this Kanha National Park in the winter season. Birds of different species tend to arrive from the month of November and stay here till February end due to suitable climatic condition. But for Tiger Lovers, the best season to visit Kanha National Park is from March to May. In these months, a large vegetation area gets dried and it becomes relatively easier for sighting Tiger rather than in winter months. For wild life lovers, the best season to visit the Kanha National Park is the month of March. In the month of March, the temperature is also suitable as its not so high and the chances of spotting tiger and the other wild animals are much higher. The months of April and May are most suitable for wild life Photographers as they get the best opportunity to get the rare photographs of the largest member of cat family and the other wild animals. The spotting of sloth bear is more during the month of February and April. In the month of April, a large number of foreigner tourists visit this national park. The months of May and June are overcrowded by the domestic tourists including families and group of students and others.

So, the best time to plan for Kanha National Park is from October to June end. In the monsoon season, the park remains closed from July to September. In monsoon, due to rain the navigation of roads are just impossible. Monsoon season are also best for breeding of wild animals. If rainfall continues in Kanha even till September end, the opening of the park gets delayed by 10-15 days, depending upon the climatic condition of Kanha.

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