It is a known fact to every one that, Kanha National park is a paradise for wild life lovers and it is one of the oldest parks of India. It’s a rewarding experience to watch a wild life in its natural habitat. For most of the wild life lovers, watching jungle beasts closely might be challenging too. Watching different types of wild animals during your safari ride is exciting as well as riskier too. So, it is advisable to follow the instructions of guide accompanying in your safari ride. There are some important tips for the tourists, while going for your safari ride. This will help you to make your safari ride more exciting and rewarding. You can experience number of thrilling and memorable moments safely while watching the wild animals closely. Even for photography enthusiasts, this is one of the best places to capture unique pictures in their camera.


The central part of the Kanha National Park is the Core Zone which shares its boundary with the buffer zone. Its an important area, which is strictly look after by the forest department inorder to conserve the wild life and the natural resources. The core zones of Kanhaare :Kanha, Sarhi, Mukki, and Kisli The adjoining area of the core zone is known as buffer zone where nature is conserved and alongside the land and water is used by the human also. The buffer zones of Kanha are Khatia, Sijhora, Phen and Khapa.

  • Tourists interested to explore the Kanha has to book the tickets for safari ride in Kanha well in advance as the tickets for safari in Kanha is limited and online booking starts before 120 days of the date of safari ride. So, you must book your ticket as soon as possible after planning to visit and explore Kanha.
  • It is mandatory for every tourist to carry their original Identity proof, which they have mention in their online booking. You have to carry the same document at the time of your safari ride.
  • If you want to make your safari trip fruitful and exciting then don’t forget to carry binoculars and camera. It will offer you an opportunity to capture some exciting and challenging moments.
  • You have to wear walking shoes before going for your safari ride. Its advisable to check your walking shoes properly before wearing it inorder to avoid any insect bite.
  • If you are planning your Kanha Safari Trip in the winter months then don’t forget to carry proper woolen clothes and if you have planned your trip in summer season then it is must to use effective sunscreen in order to avoid the scorching heat of the sun.
  • While going to explore the Kanha Jungle, don’t forget to take your caps/hats and your personal medicines.
  • It is advisable to wear some muted forest color clothes like earthy green or beiges, while going for safari ride. Use of Perfumes are strictly avoided before going to safari ride.
  • On every Wednesday, the after-noon safari ride in Kanha National Park remains closed.
  • Even on Holi and Diwali the morning as well as afternoon safari rides remain closed in the Kanha National Park.
  • No provision of advance booking for Elephant Safari ride and Night Patrolling. You can enjoy these services only in case of availability. If you are interested, you can book your rides on spot if its available.
  • You can plan your journey well in advance. Entire information is available on MP Portal. Connecting buses or trains or flights can easily be traced out online. Plan your journey accordingly. There are numbers of packages, you should choose the best one as per your requirement and suitability.

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